Artemis Environmental

Non-Toxic Painting with AFM Safecoat Paints from Artemis

Artemis Environmental on March 21, 2013


Last summer, we moved our family into our third fixer-upper, an old three-story brick house in Friendship, with the hopes of staying put for a while. Our previous dwellings were rich in well-thought-out color schemes with bold hues, but with two small children and busy lives, we hadn’t placed a priority on painting this time around, and ended up with an all-white abode.

While there is still plenty of work to be done, the never-ending grey of winter had gotten to us, and we decided to start getting some color onto the walls. So we sent the kids to their grandparents’ for the weekend and embarked on the transformation of our younger daughter’s room.


We used AFM Safecoat paint, available through Artemis, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Although Safecoat has over 900 colors to choose from, they can match any hue you are looking for. 

We sent them a chip of Copen Blue (from a local paint store), and they matched it perfectly. We used the Zero VOC Eggshell finish tinted with zero VOC colorants, creating a healthy space for our daughter to sleep and play in. Another bonus to using Safecoat paints – they tend to be more affordable than the no-VOC versions of some of the bigger name brands that are available!